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Mattress cleaning is essential for your health and hygiene and by having this work carried out regularly, health problems may be minimised or even avoided.

If we do not clean our mattresses at least once a year, we are encouraging a breeding ground for bed mites and dust. Did you know that allergies can be related to bed mites residing in your mattress? These bedmites feed off our millions of skin cells that we shed each night as we sleep. These creatures also feed from moisture on our skin and so it is a perfect environment for them thriving.

mattress cleaning

The problem doesn't lie with the bed mites themselves because they do not actually bite or suck blood. However the feces they produce is an allergen which creates Asthma, Eczema, Sore Itchy Eyes, Sinus Problems, Rhinitis and more. Once your mattress has been thoroughly cleaned deodorized and sanitized, the majority of allergies clear up quite quickly. Therefore it is worth having a mattress cleaning two or three times a year to prevent build of skin cells, bed mites, dirt and debris.

At, we use the following process for professionally cleaning mattresses: The mattresses are vacuumed in order to remove dead skin cells and dust mites. Mattresses are then deeply treated and cleaned with a professional cleaning solution which is perfectly safe and non toxic to animals and humans. To remove odours such as urine vomit, musty smells etc, a microbiological cleaner is applied. Sometimes a sanitiser and deoderiser is applied also depending on the severity of the odours in the mattress.

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